A matter of trust

A customer’s confidence in its suppliers is crucial. That’s why one of the UK’s biggest construction materials organisations returned to Liebherr-Rental when it needed to beef up its fleet.

A number of Liebherr products have been delivered in recent years to Breedon Group’s Borras sand and gravel quarry and when some additional muscle was recently required, the call went out to Liebherr Rental.

The manufacturer’s equipment is a familiar sight at the quarry on the outskirts of Wrexham. An R 944 excavator has been there for a number of years and more recently, PR 736 and PR 746 dozers have been used to expand the site and help excavate shallow deposits.

This time, the management team needed another excavatorand again placed their trust inLiebherr Rental’s contracts manager Gareth Blythin, whose recommendation was the R 946 excavator.“We worked with Gareth when we looked at our dozer requirements,” recalled Quarry Supervisor Martin Davies. “We found him open and honest about the capabilities of the Liebherr product which have so far exceeded our expectations. It was a natural choice for us to approach him again to look at our needs for the expansion.

‘It was a natural choice for us to approach Gareth again
for the expansion’ Martin Davies, Quarry Supervisor

“We were already using a replacement R 946 as our front-line excavator as our own R 944 was in for maintenance work so we knew the machine would be ideal for the work we had to carry out.”

With an operating weight of 40t, the excavator is ideally match to the quarry’s 40t trucks.Both R 946 models were specified with identical 2.7m3 digging buckets and 2750mm-wide grading buckets equipping themfor a variety of applications.Excavators operated by Liebherr Rental come with full quarry specification including upper structure handrail system, front and top guardingto the cab, dipper cylinder protection and a set of auxiliary pipework along with a Tefra hitch.

“We ensure the hire excavators are well specified as this is required by many potential clients in demolition and extraction industries,”said Gareth. “We want the machines to go to site and work away with little or no comeback from clientsasking ‘whyhasn’t it got this or that on it’?”

The quarry team is complimentaryabout the further reductions in fuel consumption offered by the new Liebherrs. “They don’t drink much diesel. We’ve not taken the exact figures, but I can say that they are better than the R944. The drivers love them too, they’re comfortable and well on top of the job,” said Martin. “It would be nice if we were able to keep one here long term,”he hinted.

The R 946 has recently been replaced in the Liebherr excavator range by the R 945, soon to be introduced into the rental fleet. See theline-up at: www.liebherr-rental.co.uk/crawler-excavators