Liebherr L 586 XPower

L 586 XPower

Liebherr L 586 XPower

The largest wheel loader currently in the Liebherr XPower range, the L 586, is available with L5 tyres, weighloader and either a 5.5 m3 rock bucket with delta edge or 6 m3 GP bucket making it the ideal machine for working at the face or re-handling and loading aggregate. The combination of the XPower driveline, Liebherr Power Efficiency, Liebherr SCR technology, means this machine achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 30%.

Includes: Auto lubrication, green seat belt kit, blue strobes, white noise reverse alarm, passive rear radar and rear camera.

Key specifications

  • All Stage V models will be fitted with 360 camera system, joystick steering, Liebherr weight loader device and will feature the Liebherr Assistance Systems including active personnel detection (rear), integral tyre pressure monitoring and adaptive lighting.
  • Bucket capacity: 5.5 - 6.0 m3
  • Operating weight: 28,800 kg
  • Engine type: Stage IV & V
  • Engine power: 313 HP
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